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Bill Eager MS BFA
"International Authority on the Applications of Technology"
Bill Eager Expertise: Branding • Communication • Creativity • Future • Innovation • Internet • Leadership • Marketing • Productivity • Technology
Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000
Location: Colorado
Bill Eager is a technology, Internet and future trends pioneer. Bill has spent the past fifteen years writing, implementing and speaking about technology and its impact on companies and organizations. In 1993, after helping create one of the first large-scale Intranets connecting 25,000 employees at BASF, Bill wrote the second book about the Internet, Using the Internet. His ten other books include the best-sellers The Information Payoff and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Marketing.

Bill has helped some of the nation's leading companies, including BASF, Cahners, INVESCO, Kaiser Permanente, Novartis, RE/MAX, Sprint, Travelocity and Verizon design and use technology to enhance communication and increase revenues.
Bill regularly gives keynotes, presentations and workshops about technology at national conferences, company and organizational meetings. He has led workshops that focus on business solutions for executives of corporations including JD Edwards, Novartis and INVESCO. He has been a keynote speaker at major conferences including Citibank, Compaq Computers, Computer Associates, Discover Card, Jeppessen, National Tour Association, Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, Storage Technology, Travelocity and Verizon Communications.

Today, Bill helps international clients learn about and take advantage of the practical business applications of the Internet. Bill has helped some of the world's leading companies including Kaiser Permanente, Novartis, RE/MAX and TCI with their communication strategies to increase revenues, improve productivity and enhance communications with employees and customers.

Bill has held senior management positions in several organizations including the U.S. Department of Energy and BASF Corporation. In 1990, while Manager of Corporate Communications at BASF, Bill proposed and became responsible for the development of a computer-based system that distributes multimedia information to more than 25,000 employees around the world. This on-line system became one of the first wide-scale Intranets in the world! Bill also was a founder of several successful Internet companies including Webb Interactive and World Choice Travel.

Programs with brief descriptions
  1. Business Applications of the Internet
    This presentation examines how managers can help their companies and organizations use the Internet to enhance internal and external communications, increase productivity and reduce expenses.
  2. Creativity and Best Practices
    This two-hour presentation focuses on creativity and best practices - two areas which help individuals and organizations rapidly create and launch new ideas
  3. Cyber Security
    This presentation is designed to help companies and organizations understand critical issues related to computer security for themselves, their employees and their organizations
  4. Innovation and Future Trends
    Participants learn about the ongoing evolution of technology and its impact upon their lives and organizations. Case studies and examples illustrate the issues and the potential applications
  5. Leadership and Technology
    This presentation delves into the unique and important relationship between technology, communications, organizational effectiveness and leadership.
  6. Online Marketing and Advertising
    Two of the hot growth areas of the Internet are marketing and advertising. How can your company or organization use this global communications medium to effectively increase awareness and sales?
  7. Virtual Communities
    Learn the value of online communities and the strategies involved in creating success communities.
  8. Social Networking and New Media Trends
    Bill Eager Social networks are changing the world.Today there are more than 850 online social networks with more than 1 Billion participants. There are social networks for teenagers, business executives, athletes… everyone. This explosion is directly tied to the benefits that people realize. Social networks create an interconnected planet where people rapidly congregate; share ideas and information; socialize; work on projects and conduct transactions.

    Social networks mirror the activities that occur in the “real world” but they happen faster and at much greater distances. Simultaneously, new media creates opportunities to leverage social networks in ways that were unimaginable a short time ago. For example, cell phones which capture video and seamlessly connect to online social networks empower individuals to share information and experiences with either a small, dedicated group –immediate family and business colleagues – or with millions of individuals around the planet. Further, mobile e-commerce (mcommerce) creates an entirely new retail channel. Consumers now spend more than $20 billion a year on mcommerce.This not only changes the way we communicate as humans; but also the way we live, work, conduct business and play.

    In this lively and interactive workshop, social networks, the new media and their implications for individuals and organizations are explained in simple, down-to-earth language. We look at historic and current examples that highlight how proper understanding and use of these technology trends can provide a significant competitive advantage. Participants learn how social networks and new media impact their lives and organizations. Case studies and examples illustrate the issues and the powerful applications.
    • How linked are you technologically and creatively with your internal and external communities?
    • How can you use social networks to connect with key audiences, gain a competitive advantage in the market place and share knowledge across virtual and geographic boundaries?
    • What are the value propositions for widgets, applications, blogs, RSS feeds and other interactive tools used by members of social networks?
    Participants Learn
    • How to successfully use social networks to improve awareness of, and revenues for, your business ventures.
    • How to leverage the viral interactions of targeted communities within social networks.
    • Why and how social networks change the landscape for corporate and product branding, awareness, advertising and consumer behavior.
    • How Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Millennium generation use new media for different reasons.
    • How mobile e-commerce (mcommerce) is shaping up to change the buying patterns of customers around the world.
    • How recent technology announcements by Facebook, Google, Yahoo, OpenSocial and other international players change the landscape and the opportunities for businesses and organizations to connect to their constituents and customers.
Client Testimonials:
"Your presentation was very informative and you packed the allowed time with a maximum of relevant ideas. You easily met the expectation which we hold for these programs - to come away with the feeling of time well spent."
-- Judith Light, Institute of Management Consultants

"Bill Eager was captivating, charismatic and very informative. He is clearly knowledgeable and experienced in his field, and has mastered the art of sharing information with others without confusing or boring them."
-- Ray Marchman, Northern Trust Bank

Customer Service on the Internet
Marketing and Sales on the Internet
Intranets Make Companies Work
Backup Headaches Solved

Book:Complete Idiot's Gide to Online Marketing Author:Bill Eager
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